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The Venues

Le Grand Plaisir is a fantastic venue for guests to host events. It is able to satisfy various demands. The interior ceiling of the restaurant was painted by Hermes master - Francois Houtin for more than a year. The carpet on the floor is symmetrical with the design of the ceiling, which perfectly shows the integration of space. Le Grand Plaisir also focuses on protecting guests’ privacy with different sizes of VIP rooms. Guests can enjoy a warm dinner with families and friends or have a fun party without interruption. The 13 Hotel is pleasure to spend the precious time with you.
La Gallerie ballroom is a multi-functional venue for guests to host events, and it is best to satisfy various demands. The restoring ancient style decoration was inspired by the 17th century Hall of Mirrors (La Grande Gallerie), the largest and most famous room of the Versailles Palace overlooking the Gardens of Versailles. In La Gallerie ballroom, modern events bloom unique charm in the rustic ballroom. The combination of modernity and tradition generates new vitality in the current world. To mention that different setup can be adopted in the venue.
As for the Lobby Lounge, it is suitable for guests to hold cocktail events or parties. The streamlined design of the silver statue, a bar to be precise, has a sense of fashion. Four of the thirteen angels overlook the hall with all luxurious, golden decorations. The Lobby Lounge is definitely an ideal venue for guests to have a big party or a cocktail ball to host.
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